Venice is a fish

6 03 2011

“Venice is a fish” (Venezia è un pesce, Tiziano Scarpa, Universale Economica Feltrinelli) is the most special travel guide of Venice I’ve ever read. Actually it is not a typical travel guide, but a sort of tale that tells the most courious aspects of the city and its history.

Did you know that Venice stands on millions of wooden poles like a big pile-dwelling house?
Did you know that, until 8 centuries ago, there were no bridges in Venice?
And that most of the street names are not dedicated to famous men and women, but to the crime chronicle of the city and the most common professions?

The guide, written by the famous venetian writer Tiziano Scarpa, brings the reader through the big variety of sensations that Venice can raise, making him feel the characteristic smells, noises and tastes of the city. A multi-sensory experience to live!




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