Wanna taste a bite of paradise?

11 03 2011

Go to San Tomà square (Campo San Tomà) and enter the Vizio Virtù pastry shop … you’ll enjoy an exciting experience both from a visual and a tasting perspective.

Vizio Virtù pastry shop

The amazing chocolate creations of Vizio Virtù Venice

This place is a sort of temple dedicated to chocolate and cakes. The design of the shop is very stilish and products are displayed in a way that nobody can pass by without being tempted to enter and eat or buy something.

At Vizio Virtù, people can see how all the specialities are created in the open-lab. The products are hand-made with great creativity by the owner Mariangela, who mixes genuine ingredients, tradition and modernity in exclusive recipes which enhance all the properties of the chocolate.

Vizio Virtù chocolate creama

Vizio Virtù chocolate cream

More than 100 varieties of pralines, dozens of chocolate bars with different cocoa percentage and enriched with spices, artistic creations made of chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate fondue, chocolate cream, mini-cakes: chocolate lovers, don’t miss it!

Cioccolateria Vizio Virtù
S. Polo 2898/A (Calle del Campaniel)
30125 Venezia

Ph. +39.041.2750149


Visit my place in Venice www.caamadi.it




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