Wanna avoid the crowd from Rialto to Saint Mark?

19 03 2011

… don’t follow the people stream and the yellow direction signs hung on Venice buildings but go an alternative way.  Walk along the border between San Marco and Castello district. You will go through the area where Marco Polo lived and experience an uncontaminated Venice, even if you are in the most frequented area of the city.

This itinerary starts at the Malibran theatre and arrives at the famous bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri), passing through one of the biggest square of Venice, Campo Santa Maria Formosa, and the Paradise Street (Calle del Paradiso), where they say making a love wish brings good luck.

Two are the noteworthy points of this route: the Querini-Stampalia Foundation and the street called Fondamenta del Rimedio.

The Querini-Stampalia Foundation (www.querinistampalia.it), sited in the Querini-Stampalia palace, is a perfect mx between history and modernity.

Querini Stampalia Foundation Venice

Querini Stampalia Foundation, Venice

The palace was built in the 13th century, but it was enlarged and adorned in the following centuries. In the 60s the famous Italian architect Carlo Scarpa restored the ground floor and the garden, while recently Mario Botta, an other renowed architect, designed the new entrance, the book and coffee shops. Thanks to these modern insertions, together with the permanent neon light signs hung on the building façade, made by the conceptualist artist Joseph Kosuth, the Palace is able to combine the splendour of the past with the fantasy of the modern art.

The second place where to stop in the itinerary is the Fondamenta del Rimedio. In Venice, “fondamenta” is a street that runs along a canal. The Fondamenta del Rimedio is quite different from other Fondamenta and really nice because it features a lot of little private bridges that lead to the entrance of different houses. A perfect frame where to take a picture!

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