The triangle of fashion

24 03 2011

In the San Polo district, not faraway from Rialto bridge, 3 fashion boutiques, little distant from each other, stand out among the multitude of shops of this area.

Coming from Rialto, the first you meet is Hibiscus, a real tribute to colours. In this shop, all fashion accessories (bags, hats, carves) and jewels are hand-made and are designed for a woman who doesnt’ forget the little girl she used to be and desires to play and amaze. To this kind of woman are dedicated the pieces created by young designers and artists who seem to follow the famous Coco Chanel’s motto: “Do not ever wear what has more personality than you!”

A few steps ahead you can find the boutique of Serena Vianello, sited in Campo S. Aponal, which also offers a sound immersion in colours and sensations. Serena is a former glass jewelry designer who creates a refined line of women’s accessories. In her store, sumptuous silks, soft velvets and warm tweeds are mixed together in order to bring to life jackets, scraves, stoles, bags and comfortable amusing shoes/slippers. Every piece is hand made and carries the footprint of the traditional quality of Italian tailoring.

Serena Vianello coat

Only unconventional dresses at Serena Vianello Venice

The third shop is called Kirikù, an unconventional spac

e where liberty and fantasy reign. The philosophy of this boutique is that each person, when wearing a dress, has to express his character instead of following a rule or a trend. The style of dresses is minimal chic and the items are carefully selected in order to offer the clients uniqueness and simplicity with a bit of glamour.


Not only dresses at Kirikù


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