Ice-cream? Yes, but with a green soul

3 04 2011

It’ s not difficult to find an ice-cream shop in Venice. In every street you can see a lot of tempting places.

Nevertheless. the place I want to talk about is quite different from the others. It doesn’t show openly the ice-cream to the clients, trying to attract them with plenty of tubs filled with overflowing creamy ice-cream,  but enshrines it inside chromed bowles like a little treasure.

I’m talking about GROM, a chain of ice-cream stores spread all over the world (Italy, France, USA, Japan), that maintains the philosophy of a small artisan shop. In Venice there are 2 GROM shops: one is placed in Campo San Barnaba and one is placed along the Strada Nova, near by the Ca’ D’Oro building.

Grom icecream Grom icecream Grom granitaGrom hot chocolateGrom smoothy

GROM’s philosophy is to apply to the artisanal ice-cream production a principle common to all the best restaurants in the world: the use of absolute top quality raw materials.

That’s why the GROM’s ice-cream flavours really taste of the product that gives them their name!

With this philosophy in mind, GROM follows strict standards: only fresh seasonal fruit, coming from the best consortia in Italy and from our farm Mura Mura, no colorings or artificial additives, Lurisia mountain water for the sorbets and high-quality whole milk for the creams, organic eggs and a selection of the best cocoas and coffees from central America. And a particular attention to celiac disease and food intolerances.

Only genuine ingredients at GROM's

Only genuine ingredients at GROM's

But GROM is not only about genuine ingredients and good taste! GROM is also about quality and respect of the environment.

From 2008 n, GROM started the project called Grom Loves World, aimed at developing the eco-sustainability of its shops: all plastic (spoons, retail and garbage bags) was then replaced with Materbi, an extraordinary material derived from corn starch and vegetable oils that is completely biodegradable, and all paper was replaced with Fsc certified paper, a prominent international entity caring for responsible forest management and the life conditions of the indigenous populations; all this was also complemented by eco-friendly waste management and the acquisitions of new low emission trucks for the logistic.

A genuine, tasty ice-cream with a green heart!


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