Eating in Venice: a question mark

9 04 2011

Since I moved to Venice, on April 1st, I’ve started to test different restaurants and osterie.

One thing I was surprised of: first courses (pasta or rice) cost more or less as much as second courses (fish or meat). In the mainland, where I used to live before coming to Venice, you can have a dish of pasta at a very lower price than a meat or fish course!

Aware of this,  I tried 8 restaurants so far but I haven’t found the perfect place yet. Almost all have some good points, but anyone really convinced me.

Nevertheless, I can tell you some places to avoid and some where you can find a good price/quality ratio (considering that you’re in Venice).

In the first group I would include the Accademia Foscarini bar, which is sited just at the feet of the Accademia bridge.
This is not the typical place which would attract me, but I tried it because in a guide I read that it is famous for its “delicious stuffed toasts”.

Well, forget about it! That small, stuffed with thick-sliced tasteless vegetables, didn’t satisfy me at all. My boyfriend was ripped off by his pizza too. So, nice view on the Grand Canal and on Franchetti Palace, but that’s all folks!

Accademia Foscarini  – Bar & Restaurant
Rio Terà Antonio Foscarini, 878, 30123 Venezia

Position**** (beautiful view)

(*min -****max)

On the other hand, a place I would recommend is “Al Profeta“, sited near Campo S.Barnaba, where you can have pizza or meat. It is sited in a street which counts many nice restaurants.

The athmosphere is quite cosy – the walls are filled with holliwood stars black-and-white pictures – and the food is good.

We tasted pasta with hare ragout and beef tenderloin cooked with porto wine, both very good. The staff was nice and the price fair. I will definitely return to this restaurant!

Al Profeta – Pizzeria & Restaurant
Dorsoduro 2671, Calle Lunga San Barnaba, 30123 Venezia

Place*** (with open terrace)

(*min -****max)


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