Feel like fresh hand-made sandwiches?

10 04 2011

Go to Osteria Ai Rusteghi, near reialto Bridge, and you will have tasty mini-sandwiches and a good glass of wine.

The place is not easy to find, it is hidden in a street bail, but once you get there you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in a nice private courtyard and have a slow lunch even if you’re in the most crowded area of the city.

Osteria Ai Rusteghi Osteria Ai Rusteghi Osteria Ai Rusteghi

Here you can choose among plenty of sandwiches flavours: lard and rosemary, goat cheese and olives paté, ham and porcini mushroom cream, pork salami with radicchio di Treviso and many other stuffings. All sandwiches are freshly hand-made with ingredients and specialities coming form all over Italy.

The wine cellar is well stocked, with more than 350 types of wines and the owner can suggest you the right choice for you.

Ideal for an easy lunch or an aperitif.

Ai Rusteghi – Osteria & Wine bar
San Marco, 5513 – Corte del Tentor
30124 Venezia

Position: **** (difficult to find, but in a nice and quiet courtyard)
Food*** (only sandwiches and salads)



Visit my place at http://www.caamadi.it




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