When the fame isn’t worth the price

15 04 2011

It happened twice: famous restaurant but price far too high compared to the quality of food.

I’m talking about “Do Forni” and “L’Antico Pignolo”, two of the most renowed restaurants in Venice, near Saint Mark square.

The service was excellent, but I cannot say the same for the food.

Do Forni

Do Forni Restaurant

When you go in such places you are prepared to pay a high price, but in both cases the quality of the dishes wasn’t aligned with the fame of the restaurants, so the price really sounded too high!

The atmosphere in both restaurants is nice and elegant, the Antico Pignolo also has a beutiful summer garden, but nothing impressed me in a particular way.

Antico Pignolo

La sala del ristorante Antico Pignolo

The menu included the traditional dishes of the venetian area and anything sounded or looked special or sophisticated. There was little fantasy in the plates, both as far as presentation and taste are concerned. Anything special in the ingredients used nor in their combinationof. No particular flavour or decoration. I mean, when you go to famous restaurants, you expect to find something memorable and surprising!

Of course I cannot say that I had bad food, but nothing was really worth the reputation these restaurants have in Venice..

Do Forni – Restaurant
San Marco 468, 30124 Venezia



Antico Pignolo – Restaurant
San Marco 451, Calle Specchieri, 30124Venezia

Place*** (beautiful summer garden)


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2 08 2011
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