Amazing Venice

23 04 2011

Venice is always able to amaze …

This morning, from home to work, I walked a different way from usual. This new route unexpectedly took me to a nice little square, Campiello S. Rocco, which is placed between two of the most famous attractions in Venice (Scuola Grande di San Rocco and Frari Church). Even if it is sited in a very frequented area, here you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere.

With its artisan shops, it brings you back to the past, when people used to go to the next-door shops and not in the big malls and shopping centers that now crowd the city suburbs.

A tiny flower shop, a store selling ethnic furniture, a small womensware and a lingerie shops form the frame of this square, making it a vivid painting showing a characteristic Venice.


Nina shop Venice

Among the shops in Campiello San Rocco, there is “Nina“, a french-style small boutique, selling refined and unconventional clothes. Here you can buy minimal-chic garments, which are characterised by sophisticated fabrics and an original design, and particular accessories, like rafia shoes or hats.

Nina Nina 4 Nina 3




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