Looking for a good pizza in Venice?

8 07 2011

Italy is famous for the pizza, but I have to admit that in Venice so far I haven’t found a place where to eat a memorable pizza.

When I asked some Venetian friends where I should go to eat a good pizza in Venice I was answered 3 places: Anfora, Nono Risorto and Birraria La Corte.

I tried all the restaurants and the verdict is that I still have to look for the right place to have a pizza in Venice.
When I used to live in the mainland, I knew different places where to eat delicious pizzas and also fancy pizza restaurants with a cool atmosphere and particular pizza flavours. That’s what I expected to find also in the cosmopolitan Venice!

But this was not the case. The 3 restaurants do not offer anything I would remember them for. The pizzas are quite good but not delicious and so are the locations!

The best out of the three is Anfora, where the thin pizza is tasty and crunchy, but the location is really poor and for sure it is not the place where you should bring your girl for your first date!

Pizzeria All'Anfora

The garden at Pizzeria All'Anfora

In all these restaurants you can eat in the outside and at Birraria La Corte you can also enjoy the view of the magnificent Campo San Polo (Saint Paul’s square), the biggest square in Venice after Saint Mark’s.

Birraria La Corte

Ouside view of Birraria La Corte in Saint Pauls' square

Until I will find the right place to go for a pizza, you can taste a very good take-away slice at Antico Forno, not far away from Rialto bridge. Nice the place, good the pizza: a good combination … it’s a pity you cannot sit there and enjoy it with your friends!

Pizzeria All’Anfora
Santa Croce 1223 (Lista dei Bari)
30135 Venezia
Tel. 041 524 0325


Ristorante Pizzeria Birraria La Corte
Campo San Polo 2168
Tel. 041 2750570


Ristorante Pizzeria Al Nono Risorto
Santa Croce, 2337 (Sottoportego de Siora Bettina)
30135 Venezia
Tel. 041 5241169


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10 10 2011
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