Luna Sentada: something new in Venice

26 07 2011

In a cosmopolitan city like Venice, one would expect to find a mixture of different cultures in architecture and art but also in cuisine.

Actually, in the city it’s hard to find some restaurants that differ from the typical venetian-style place. Of course tourists, who are the main clients of restaurants, usually look for a local-style venue, but I’m sure they’d also appreciate some unusual places where experiencing something new in Venice and in general.

Luna Sentada is one of these places. As it is described in the website, “LUNA SENTADA is a culinary travel that takes you from Venice to many different gastronomic worlds“. Here the chef combines the traditional venetian dishes with tastes from abroad and presenting his culinary contaminations and experiments in an artistic way.

Culinary contaminations at Luna Sentada

The owner, Ermanno, lived abroad for several years and had the chance to travel a lot. Once back in Venice, he decided to bring with him the flavours and tastes that conquered his palate and imagination at the same time, without forgetting the local culinary traditions.

Also the furniture mixes the local taste with Asian style, giving the place a unique fascinating atmosphere.

Curiosity and originality are the main drivers of this restaurant which I’m sure will conquere you!

Luna Sentada
Castello 5018 (Campo San Severo)
30122 Venezia
Tel. 041/3097891


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7 01 2012
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