Osteria San Marco: not a big risk although in Saint Mark’s area

2 08 2011

When a tourist asks recommendations on where to eat in Venice, he’s often told to avoid the Saint Mark’s area and the restaurants with view on the Grand Canal. In fact, places in these areas are usually too expensive compared to the quality of food and service.

I myself tried two of the most renowed restaurants near Saint Mark’s square (Do Forni and Antico Pignolo, see my post on April 15th) and I was unsatisfied with them. Indeed it is hard to find a restaurant with a good quality-price ratio in this zone.

Fortunately there are some exceptions to the rule. The osteria and wine-bar San Marco is one of these exceptions.

Opened in 2002, thanks to the parthership of 4 friends, Osteria San Marco was an old inn transformed into a restaurant and wine bar. The renovation was aimed at creating a place with both an easy and elegant mood and it was successful! The atmosphere here is in fact sophisticated but not too much formal.

Osteria San Marco

And the food is really good! At the Osteria Enoteca San Marco the menu is defined in order to please every taste: meat and fish, game and sea food and vegetables plates are influenced by the tradition and the new frontiers of cuisine. In constant research and use of high quality raw materials, menus are updated according to the season and the market offer. Together with excellent food, clients can enjoy a glass of wine selected from a menu that includes more than 300 varieties.


The price is not the cheaper in town, but it not excessive considering that you’re two steps away from the most famous square in the world!

Osteria San Marco
San Marco, 1610
30124 Venezia
Tel. 041 528 5242



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