Vini da Gigio: full marks!

8 08 2011

When I moved to Venice, I asked all my friends living here to recommend some good restaurants. Silvia, a schoolmate of mine who has lived here for long time, suggested me a restaurant called “Vini da Gigio”.

In the last months I tried several times to reserve a table at this restaurant but every time I was told they were fully-booked. Going there became a sort of challenge! I also sent there some of my clients who were very satisfied with it so my curiosity kept growing up!

At the end, some weeks ago I was able to book a table for 2 and I had dinner there with Alberto, a friend and former-colleague of mine. We really had a beautiful evening. The food and wine were excellent, the place really nice and the price fair! That’s my place folks!

The entrance of Vini Da Gigio restaurant

Since my evaluation could have been influenced by the fact that the dinner was delighted by the exquisite company of Alberto and 3 glasses of white wine (definitely too many for me!), before electing it as my favourite restaurant in Venice, I wanted to test it a second time.

So, a few days ago, I brought there my parents and my boyfriend. My mom is a really good cook so her rating is highly qualified. Her response confirmed mine: A+!

Vini Da Gigio is strong on Venetian tapas such as crocchette di baccalà (breaded stockfish) and canestrelli alla griglia (grilled razor clams); there are also a number of good meat and game options and delicious desserts (try the tiramisù or the strawberrieas with peppermint and mascarpone cream).

As the name suggests (meaning Wines at Gigio’s), wine is another forte – there are even bottles from Australia and South Africa, and there is always a good by-the-glass selection.

Now I can definitely say it: Vini da Gigio is my favourite restaurant in Venice! So far (the research continues …).

Vini da Gigio
Cannaregio 3628a – Venezia
Tel 041/5285140



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