Anice Stellato restaurant: a look inside the authentic Venice

23 09 2011

Venice is all about walking. To reach every place you need to walk more than what you expect. The bridges make the way much longer than what it seems in a map.

This is, on one hand, very good for the health and also for the digestion (I call the trip between restaurants and home as the “2-bridge-digestive”!), but on the other hand it sometimes prevents you from discovering some areas which are a little bit faraway from your home or work place.

That’s why it took me 6 months since I live in Venice to go to the Anice Stellato restaurant, which was more than once recommended to me.

The restaurant is located near to the Jewish Ghetto, in the north side of Venice, where tourists seldom venture, especially in the night, even if it is where they could experience the “authentic Venice”.

Anice Stellato is sited on a Fondamenta (that’s how the streets along a canal are called in Venice) where you can hear a lot of Venetian people passing by: a true look inside the city.

The Fondamenta (street along canal) where Anice Stellato is sited

The restaurant is nice, even if a little too dark for me and the food was really good. Here you can taste typical Venetian food and cicchetti (appetizers). I was impressed by the “sarde a beccafico”, rolled sardines stuffed with raisins, aromatic herbs and pine-seeds. The menu includes almost entirely fish dishes but you can find also few meat proposals. The price is quite fair and the atmosphere you can enjoy here and in the nearby area is really fascinating.

The only negative aspect was the service: too slow! Recommended only if you’re not in a hurry!

Ristorante Anice Stellato Ristorante Anice Stellato

Anice Stellato
Cannaregio 3272 – Fondamenta della Sensa
Tel. + 39 041 720744



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