At last, the pizza I like in Venice!

10 10 2011

Looking for a good pizza, I tried different places in Venice, but so far I wasn’t able to find the perfect place (see my post “Looking for a good pizza in Venice?“).

A few days ago, by chance, I tried he pizza at Pier Dickens Inn in Campo Santa Margherita. And the trial turned out to be a nice surprise!

Campo Santa Margherita is full of  restaurants, but they all looked too much “touristic” to me. Some of them even have waiters outside trying to get you in … a thing I do really hate and one of the reasons why I usually exclude the place from my whitelist!

But, on that day, I was going back home from work at dinner time and, like many other times, I wouldn’t have got a decent dinner out of my fridge! So I opted for a take away pizza.

Instead of buying it at the take-away place in the Campo (Pizzeria Al Volo), I decided to try one of the various pizzerias you can find there. I chose the first one you meet coming from san tomà/Campo San Pantalon: the Pier Dickens Inn.

Pier Dickens is a pizzeria but also a restaurant and brewery. It has numerous tables in the outside where you can enjoy the intense nightlife of the Campo (hundreds of young boys and girls gathering for a chat and a spritz).

Pier Dickens Inn at night

I do not know if I will ever try the cuisine of this restaurant, but I do know that here I had the best pizza I ever had in Venice so far.

Thin, light, crunchy and tasty: the perfect mix for a pizza! It was so good that I went there again only 2 days after!

Good job!

Pier Dickens Inn
Campo Santa Margherita – Dorsoduro 3410, Venezia
Tel. +39 041 2411979





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