Venice: so crowded, so desert

31 10 2011

This morning a friend of mine, who came to visit me here in Venice, asked me: “Now that you’ve been living  in Venice for a while, what would you say you like most here? Did you discover something you didn’t expect?”.

My answer was the following: “Venice is able to surprise me every day. But the thing I like most is that you can always find a desert corner even in the most crowded period of the year. And now that I know the city better, I know where to find these corners!”.

In these last days of October, also due to the bank holiday of November 1st, Venice has been really crowded, more than during Biennale Art Exhibition opening days. This is also thanks to the warm and sunny weather which is unexpectedly delighting us in the last days. Despite the overflowing mass of people, Venice can offer some special palces, where you can really enjoy its mystic atmosphere.

On Saturday I was walking with my boyfriend near to our house, in the “Zattere” area, wandering without a precise itinerary. While the Zattere way was full of people striving to enjoy the last sunny warmth, we happened to find a special place which made us feel like we were in a fairy tale.

The pictures can speak on their own:

We’re in the Dorsoduro District, along the “Fondamenta Bonlini”, near the San Trovaso church and the San Trovaso “squero” (one of the last remaining places where the gondolas are produced). It’s a kind of magic, isn’t it?

Am I foolish to share this with you?




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