Calle dei Fuseri: the right street for shopping

14 12 2011

It’s quite usual that shops concentrate mainly in some streets of a city. Via Veneto in Rome, Via Montenapoleone in Milan, Calle Larga XX Marzo in Venice: here you can find all “big brands” flagship stores.

Apart from these renowned avenues, there are some other streets where a lot of “minor” but  interesting shops are sited. In Venice, Calle dei Fuseri is one of these streets.

This street, which derives its name from the job corporation of the foundrymen, is full of little nice shops where you can buy fashionable clothes and accessories.

At nr. 4466 and nr. 4459 you can find the fashion stores Amina MI and Paolo Pecora, the first for women and the second for men, quite similar to each other in location and clothes style. Here you can buy very particular fashion items, unfortunately not at cheap prices. At Amina MI you can find the beautiful “Pandorine” bags, with which I’m really in love!

A "Pandorina" bag sold at Amina MI

Calle dei Fuseri ends with a “branch” called “Ramo dei Fuseri” where, at nr. 1810, an amazing shop is located: Pot Pourri. The shop deserves a visit only for the vintage atmosphere you can feel both from the window and inside.

With its little terrace on the canal, where romantic dresses are staged among candles, and its sixties style clothes and accessories it makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale or in a movie!

Some pictures can explain the special ambience you can enjoy here:


Calle dei Fuseri: the right choice for shopping!


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