Still looking for new in Venice? Try the Orto dei Mori restaurant

7 01 2012

As I’ve already said on my post about Luna Sentada restaurant , in Venice it is not easy to find a restaurant that differs from the others, nor for the location nor for the menu.

Yesterday night I found another place which I can definitely say is really unique, in the style and in the food too!

I’m talking about L’Orto dei Mori, a small restaurant which is sited in the house where the famous painter Tintoretto was born and lived.

The area is really quiet, tucked away from the tourist traffic, and the restaurant, through its big windows, offers a wide view on a canal, on one side, and on a typical Venetian small square (Campo dei Mori), on the other side.

Il ristorante L'Orto dei Mori - esterno

The outside sign defines the place as “Osteria”, but L’Orto dei Mori is faraway from being a simple osteria. The wine cellar is certainly well equipped and it offers a big variety of good wine, but the location, the food and the dish presentation are refined like in a “high-cuisine” restaurant.
Inside, the restaurant is furnished in a stylish and original way. The curious lamps hanging from the ceiling are the ones designed and made in a small artisan shop of Venice, called “A Mano” (Rio Terà Amalteo, San Polo 2616).

Il ristorante L'Orto dei Mori - interno

The cuisine is positively influenced by the Sicilian provenance of the chef but it also proposes some traditional Venetian specialities. Another positive note is that the menu includes both fish and meat dishes, while in Venice most of menus include only fish. The food is absolutely tasty and it served by a smiling and polite staff.
A perfect combination of taste, style and service!
Cannaregio 3386
30121 Venezia
Tel. 041/5243677
Visit my place at



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