When photography becomes art

20 02 2012

The term “photography” derives from Greek and it means “writing with light”. It was born mainly to reproduce and show things as they are at an exact point of time and only in the XXth century it started to be considered as an art, passing from a simple mean of description into a mean of expression.

Some pictures in fact do not only represent what the framed object is, but they’re also able to make the spectator feel a special emotion. Through his pictures, a good photographer is able to capture and transfer a particular feeling or his point of view, to tell a story .

Among these “artists of light”, I would quote Fabio Bressanello, who runs his showroom and shop in Venice (Dorsoduro 2835/A, in front of the Ponte dei Pugni).

With his black and white or coloured pictures, Fabio is able to express strongly the beauty of peoples or landscapes or the peculiarity of a certain moment or event. His pictures, which sometimes look like paintings, are able to catch a fragment of a story and make the viewer be part of it.

Venice by Fabio Bressanello

Looking at his masterpieces, people can feel a large variety of emotions: melancholy, tenderness, solitude, happyness, astonishment, sweetness.

Believe me: they won’t let you impassible.

Bressanello Art Studio
Venezia, Dorsoduro 2835/A




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