3856: a tiny little treasure box

2 03 2012

Forget about shimmering luxury brands shops.

Go back to your childhood and imagine to open the little box where you used to preserve all the things that mattered to you (a perfumed rubber,  the wrap of a chocolate, your favorite hair ribbon …). Things that were precious not for their economic value but for the emotions they were able to provoke.

Entering the shop “3856: trenottocinquantasei” is like re-living such feeling. It is like getting in a fairy tale and discovering little treasures.

The shop 3856 - outside

The shop is small and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The clothes are hung like paintings or peep out from a wooden closet, like in the house of your dolls.

Clothing, shoes, accesories, underwear: all is chosen with accuracy aiming at fabrics high quality, style and comfort. Here you can find unique and original pieces and niche brands libe Nice things, Sud, La Feè Marabouteè.

Little bunnies, polka-dots. pastel colours: a dive between romantic and fairy!

Dorsoduro 3749, Venezia

Visit my place at http://www.caamadi.it




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