English breakfast in Venice

11 03 2012

I’m really fond of the American tradition of the Sunday brunch, but in Italy it is not easy to find places where you can have it.

Two weeks ago, I found a restaurant where I enjoyed an English breakfast and  it was the most similar to a brunch experience I had so far.

The place is called Avogaria and it is a bar, a restaurant and a bed&breakfast. It is placed in the homonymous street near to the 15th century church of San Sebastiano (Saint Sebastian).

The area is frequented by few tourists, even in the most crowded days of the year, and the place looks really different from the typical Venetian restaurant.

The style is modern and minimal and the atmosphere is refined but warm and welcoming as well.

Avogaria - Inside

In spring and summer you can also eat in the nice garden which features few tables.

Avogaria - The garden

The English breakfast, which I’ve already had twice in the last 2 weeks, consists of toasted bread with butter and jam, yoghurt, eggs and bacon, orange juice and a hot drink. The eggs and bacon are really tasty and the cappuccino foam is incredibly soft!

Like a good Italian, I couldn’t help adding a “national” touch to my breakfast and I ordered also some croissants, which tasted outrageously delicious!

The dinner menu also sounds inviting and soon I’m going to try it … I’ll keep you posted!

Dorsoduro 1629, Calle Dell’Avogaria, Venezia
Tel. +39 041 296.04.91

Visit my place at http://www.caamadi.it




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