Living Venice as locals

19 04 2012

When visiting a foreign city, it often happens to think of what the local people life is like.

That’ why tourist offers more and more include special experiences which allow tourists to live the cities as residents.

Living Venice as locals cannot leave out a wine&food experience. Venice is of course about art, architecture and culture, but also Venetian culinary tradition has its deep roots.

Then, what’s better than going shopping at the local market and afterwards cooking in Venetian style and eating what you bought and prepared?

If this sounds good to you, you should join one of the classes of Enrica Rocca.

Known as the “cooking countness”, Enrica Rocca has transformed her passion for wine and food into a job being able to create unconventional courses on cuisine and wine tasting. As the Financial Times described her “Rocca’s cooking, as her temperament, is joyous, expansive and cultured”. On food Enrica’s philosophy is simple: it’s about flavour and quality of ingredients.

During the course “Rialto Market and Cooking experience”, Enrica takes the attendants to the Rialto market and teaches them how to select the best and freshest ingredients.

Rialto Market

After a break with wine and “cicchetti” (typical Venetian tapas) at a “bacaro” (typical Venetian wine bar), people go to Enrica’s beautiful kitchen, where she shares with them her secrets while cooking the food they previously bought. Enrica’s cooking methods follow the Venetian tradition also adding a touch of creativity.

Enrica Rocca's cooking class

A new way of experiencing Venice!

If you’re interested in similar but cheapest classes, have  a look at




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