Campiello degli Squelini: a delightful corner of peace

23 05 2012

Wandering in Venice without maps can take you to the most unexpected discovery.

If you walk in the area of Ca’ Foscari University, you cannot miss the little “Campiello degli Squelini”.  Even if this area is frequented by many students (the University main entrance is just a few steps away), here you can enjoy a really peaceful corner, especially during the weekends.

Campiello degli Squelini – Venice

Like many other toponyms in Venice, the name of this square derives from a worker corporation, the one of the “Squelini”, who were the manufacturers of bowls (“squele” in Venetian language) during the Venice Republic.

A library, an antiques shop and a fabric shop make up the frame of this square where you can breathe a magic atmosphere. In the middle, small green grassbeds with trees (unusual for Venice) and some tables of the bar nearby.

Campiello degli Squelini is like watercolour painting and it reminds some areas of Paris: you would expect to find a painter in front of his easel intent on immortalizing the beauty of the place.

You can enjoy the square sitting at the tables of the bar called Sensanome (meaning “without a name”), which offers delicious cookies or sandiches served with courtesy.

Delightful cakes at Sensanome Bar

Campiello degli Squelini: another hidden treasure of Venice.




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