Chic cicchetti

12 08 2013

When visiting Venice, you cannot skip to taste the “cicchetti” (read: chikkétti), the typical finger food and tapas served in the wine-bars (called bacari or chicchetterie or osterie).

The most popular cicchetti are the “polpette” (fried balls made of meat, tuna fish, aubergines or zucchini), the “crostini al baccalà mantecato” (bread with stockfish cream), the “sarde in saor” (sardines marinated in vinegar, onion and raisins) and the “alici marinate” (marinated anchovies).

The places which offer these Venetian specialities are usually “old and not sophisticated-style”, that means dark-wooden furniture, straw chairs or stools, stuff everywhere. In few words, minimalism is not their distinctive mark.

But things are changing also in Venice and modernity is slowly (very slowly) spreading in town!

So, if you would like to enjoy some cicchetti in a chic location, your wishes can come true: try “El Sbarlefo San Pantalon” (Calle San Pantalon) or “Vinus Venezia” (Dorsoduro 3961).

They are both located in the same area, near to Ca’ Foscari University headquartes and Campo Santa Margherita (Dorsoduro district).

Vinus Venezia is open since a couple of years yet, while El Sbarlefo opened a month ago (the owners run another homonymous bacaro near the Rialto bridge).


Vinus Venezia from outside

Both are furnished in a stylish way and combine tradition with modernity, genuineness with a certain classiness. And not only in the location but also in the food.


El Sbarlefo_inside


Together with traditional cicchetti they also offer original combinations of tastes, arousing your curiosity and hunger too.

Let’s repay their courage of detouring from the tradition path in Venice, where all seem to be stuck in the past!

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